Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Dogs

My dogs have the best eyes
Billy did a full height dog walk with the stop tonight!! WOOOO HOO! He is such a smarty pants and so confident! It only took 2 tries for him to put the racing over the dog walk together with the target behavior.  I was so impressed!  I've never trained a dog a dog walk before so maybe how quickly he picked it up was normal, but I doubt it.  He is so smart and SO confident! I'm having so much fun with him.  I think he is going to love agility.  Once he realizes that it's all about running fast (his favorite thing) I think we will be good to go.  He did really good with the full height aframe too, but without the end behavior.  We will add that next week!  The one thing that didn't go as well was the teeter.  We haven't done nearly as much with the teeter as we have the dog walk so he wasn't ready to try the real thing.  He did good with the bang game but when we tried the full teeter he was a little freaked out.  So a lot more work to do there.

I brought Goose with me to Billy's class and he hung out in a crate again.  He was a little whiney and barked a little bit but nothing too crazy.  Afterwards we stayed to watch flyball practice and I was so happy with the way Goose behaved with all the people and dogs he saw.  He seemed much more relaxed then usual and was happy and wiggly meeting both people and dogs.  It is definitely new environments combined with scary things that cause him to sometimes react.  He is usually a lot more comfortable in places that he's somewhat used to.  I've taken him a ton of places but he still hasn't generalized new people, dogs, and things to all environments.   Although last night while we were at Layla's house making a video I think there as a neighborhood twilight bark going on because so many dogs were barking and Billy and Layla were on edge and barking here and there.  Goose was definitely feeding off of  them and was doing some alarm barking himself.  

ANYWAY tonight he did great.  He also got to do some foundation flyball work chasing a ball and bringing it back for a tug.  He did pretty well.  He was a little bit fixated on the ball at times but it wasn't too hard to get him back into the tug.  This was all until he suddenly lost focus...and peed all over.  OOOPSIE! Not sure why I didn't think to take him out to pee before playing.  Silly me.  

Tuesday Goose had puppy agility.  The best part of the class is getting to play with the adorable black and white BC girlie who was born the day after him, afterwards.  They had so much fun! 
Goose loves the paw in the face
Still loving frisbee! 

Playing with one of his best friends Rook

Billy tested positive for Lymes last summer.  I treated him but was doing some research and realized he needs to be retested so we are going in tomorrow morning.   I really hope he tests negative.

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