Friday, August 20, 2010

No puppy love

Billy and Goose still haven't played together:( I don't understand why they can't be friends. I am dog sitting this week and the family has a puppy a little older than Goose but right now he and Billy are wildly playing! It only took him four days to warm up to this guy. I have had Goose for over 2 months now and still no playing! I've sort of figured out the problem I think... Goose is pretty sound sensitive and especially other dogs barking and Billy often initiates play with barking (and other body postures) but I think it overwhelms Goose and he just rolls over onto his back. On the other hand when Goose initiates play Billy just won't be in the mood. I think the time is coming soon though!! They have has a few seconds here and there so that makes me hopeful.

We had our first agility private yesterday! It was so much fun! and I was so confused by handing haha. Hopefully it will become more natural to me soon! I'm also bad at aerobics and dancing and other sort of things where you have to be aware of what your arms and legs are doing. I am athletic but things like that I just can't do! Maybe I'm just over thinking it all. The doggies did good though! Both boys did their first tunnels and had no problems with them at all. Billy also did a few jumps to a tunnel and and tunnel to jumps. The instructor let me practice handling with her dog and it was so fun!!! I can't wait until my dogs are that good:) Hopefully they will be one day.

Goose has 4.5 big boy teethies:) he has now lost 6 teeth altogether!! WOOO growing up!! I can't wait to see how handsome he is when he's full grown. He is in quite an awkward stage now.

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